TRI BORO, NJ – On Thursday October 26th, Republican Clubs in the Tri Boro hosted a beefsteak dinner event.

The event provided an opportunity for both candidates and constituents to converse with one another.

Assemblyman of District 26, Christian Barranco, explained that the event served as a great tool in building a path forward for the Republican Party.

“We’re in a tricky time in our party, leadership is morphing and moving […] This is the first event where everyone is here, which I think is phenomenal for our party. We can all come together, even with the people that we disagree with or have opposing views. We are here together, we are talking and trying to build a path forward. I think it’s a great thing,” said Assemblyman of District 26, Christian Barranco.

Likewise, the Morris County Clerk found the event to be a great success.

“The fundraiser was a huge success. The venue was at full capacity and the crowd was energized. The enthusiasm for the future was off the charts. Elected officials took notice of the exciting and positive atmosphere as evidenced by the attendance of a majority of Morris County elected officials as well as elected officials from all levels of government,” stated Morris County Clerk, Ann Grossi.

In addition, the beef steak dinner was seen as a means of energizing the party.

“It’s great to be here with so many Republicans. We are twelve days out. We’ve all been working hard and we’re all tired but you come here tonight and everybody gets energized; you get the energy to run for the next twelve days and get the job done to win,” stated Senator Bucco of District 25.

With a high turn-out of both candidates and constituents, we began to question what the attraction was to the event; here’s what some of them had to say:

“I came here tonight to show solidarity with all my fellow Republicans in these three towns: Butler, Kinnelon, and my new town – Bloomingdale. I think it’s just as important for me to know them individually, as it is for them to get to know who I am. Bloomingdale, who has not been in the district, it’s important for them to network with me and find out what kind of representative I could be for them,” explained Senator of District 26, Joe Pennacchio.

“I am here in Butler to support local candidates and create momentum going into the election,” said Morris County Commissioner, Tayfun Selen.

“It all starts with your base, these are the folks that are dedicated to the message and vision of the party. They’re the foot soldiers that are going to encourage people to vote and educate people on the candidates. This is where the local connections are made; I pride myself on being an accessible and responsive representative. I try to make it to everything I can,” said Assemblywomen of District 25, Aura Dunn.

“I am here to support our Triboro. We have joined forces because we believe that if we join forces we’ll be bigger and our voices will be heard louder. I think the most valuable part of this event is that we need to unite, and not so much talk about the sides. We need to really talk about what is lacking in these three beautiful different towns. The money being spent, the taxes being raised, we are doing so much to get money in but we are not seeing where it’s being spent,” stated Gina Azzollini, candidate running for Council in Bloomingdale.

With Bloomingdale being redistricted, Senator Joe Pennachio shared what he would like the new town to know about him.

“I care. I want to make sure that we do the best job for them. I want to make sure going forward that we have their best interest in mind. Make a safer community for them to raise their children to thrive, and once they thrive I want to ensure that their government keeps their hands out of their pocket,” stated Senator Joe Pennachio.

Towards the closing of the event, Assemblyman of District 25 gave insight on his appreciation of being a part of this event.

“It’s great to see such an amazing collection of people all united in common purpose. It’s such a pleasure to be surrounded by people excited for the future of our communities and dedicated to making them better. I’m happy I got to be a part of this awesome event,” said Assemblyman of District 25, Brian Bergen.

The Councilmen of Kinnelon (Sean Mabey) and Mayor of Butler (Ryan Martinez) were the organizers. They both gave explanations as to the driving purpose of the event.

“The event was a huge success. The importance is bringing everyone together under one roof, trying to get everybody to realize we are all Republicans, and remembering that we share more in common. The idea was put together by Mayor Ryan Martinez, and me, for the desire to increase voter turnout and education of mail-in-ballots. The mayor and I have a frustration due to the lack of movement on the subject by the NJ GOP and this will become an annual event,” said Councilman Sean Mabey.

“Councilman Sean Mabey and I have had multiple conversations about our frustration over the lack of turnout on Election Day. We were able to put this event together and get over 160 Republicans from different factions of the party to promote getting out to vote and mail-in ballots. It is Sean’s and my mission to get as many Republicans as possible to vote (whether on Election Day at the polls or by putting their ballot in one of the secured ballot boxes which are located all over the state) and to unify our party,” explained Ryan Martinez.

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